Dr. Kevin Grant is a pioneer in the emerging field of spiritual leadership within the secular context. He is a widely published author and a sought after lecturer and keynote speaker. Dr. Grant teaches leadership, corporate finance, and organizational behavior at leading colleges and graduate schools in California. His consulting clients include Fortune 500 and international non-profit organizations.

Dr. Kevin Grant is passionate about leadership. Your Leadership.

From the board room to the executive suites to the operation floor, Dr. Grant brings his broad-based experience and unique perspective to leaders. With a cross-industry perspective from the private to the public firm, he has brought his leadership style and insights to key leaders. Dr. Grant’s career spans industries, serving as the youngest controller of the largest IT firm in the world, to CFO of privately held firms, to CFO of the prestigious non-profit Ahmanson Foundation of California. His work has spanned from work-outs and turn-arounds to mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, he has focused on his research in the field of leadership – primarily in the under served field of spiritual leadership within the secular workplace. His extensive research and study has revealed practical tools that today’s leaders need for effective and sustainable growth and opportunity. Raised in the third world cultures of Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, Dr. Grant is particularly acute to the international markets and the need for leaders that span cultures. He has written extensively on leadership and is recognized as a pioneer in the field of spiritual leadership.