executive leadership coaching

How can executive business coaching transform your professional practice?


It’s very easy for executives to go about their business with little time to reflect or assess their own performance in terms of their management skills, effectiveness as a leader, and interpersonal interactions. Being an executive in business can often be a high stakes job, requiring the executive to always be at the top of their game and able to tackle head on any challenges that may come in the way between a company and their bottom line.

I offer over thirty years in executive leadership coaching in California as a pioneer in the emerging study of spiritual leadership, and as such, I am offering executive business coaching to groups and individuals aimed at helping them become more effective leaders by taking the opportunity to reflect and dialogue about the role of the executive.

Not sold on executive coaching programs? With a plethora of business coaches existing out there, it’s difficult to see how bringing an executive business coach into your life can actually enhance your professional performance.

Those who take my executive coaching programs have found that working with me allows them to be more effective in their executive roles as the are able to:

Find new ways to effectively use time and resources.

Many of the business executives who come to me for executive business coaching admit that they are feeling burned out and stretched too thin when it comes to the way they are spending their time, energy and resources. Taking time to break down and thoughtfully lay out how a business executive is using their time and resources from an external source can illuminate many habits that the business executive didn’t know they were engaging in that are proving to be sucks on their time and resources. By breaking down the way an executive is using their time and resources, we are able to together come up with new strategies for better time and resource management so to relive that feeling of being spread too thin and burning out.

Get an outsider’s honest and objective perspective

Accessing the support of an executive business coach will provide you access to an individual who will be able to tell you opinions and perspectives in an objective way. Since I don’t have a stake in your bottom line, I am able to tell you the things about your leadership or the way you do business that others can’t. This doesn’t mean that I will be unfairly tough on you, but I may tell you things that you have been needing to hear for a long time that will give you the necessary jolt you need to make some adjustments in the way you do your work.

Help you access your compassion

One thing that I find common between some leaders who seek my executive business coaching in California is that they have become somewhat “hardened” to the needs of the individual people who make up their organizations. In the face of needing to make deadlines or quotas, it is often easy for the leader to forget that they have a duty to take care of those who work for them. I help executives understand the needs of those who they work with, and develop strategies to be more in tune with the needs of colleagues by demonstrating compassion, human being to human being.

Define your leadership style

We all know that executive leadership is not just something that happens by accident. Being a business executive usually comes with a well-defined set of norms that you operate under that defines your leadership style. I will work with you to help define, or in some cases re-define, your leadership style so that you can approach your leadership with consistency and utmost effectiveness.

Provide a safe space to blow off steam

I am the first to be compassionate about the fact that executive leadership is tough work. You often come up against tough personalities and situations that make working together difficult. I am an unbiased ear that will allow you to blow off steam about a certain person or situation within your work that has led you to seek guidance through an executive coaching program. Where I will come in is in relaying what you are telling me back to you so that you can hear your thoughts and what you are saying for yourself. From there, we will work together through each issue, and I will guarantee to you that you will walk out of our sessions with a concrete strategy to deal with those people or things that bring you frustration.

Be a sounding board for new ideas

For many executives, bringing a big new idea that can change the way an organization may function to the table can often be intimidating and at times, a big risk. By being your sounding board, I can help you work through your new ideas, find their strengths and weaknesses, and help prepare you to make that important pitch to your colleagues about your new idea.

Bring techniques for self-care to the table

One of the downfalls of successful business executives is that self-care usually takes a back seat to delivering a strong performance. All too often I meet with business executives who have put themselves on the back burner, only to be faced with a mountain of health problems, stress, and things being shaky within their personal lives. I will work with individual leaders to introduce strategies for self-care that is meant to suit them and them only.

Taking time to engage in executive business coaching through my executive coaching programs guarantees you access to a highly qualified coach who has been studying leadership inside and out for decades. I look forward to working with you to help you uncover your best self as a leader and be the absolute best you can be not only for your organization and colleagues, but for those you love, and mostly yourself. You deserve it!