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Your organization is constantly faced with difficult decisions and strategies in an effort to maintain your industry leadership. Moving through the process can be challenging. You instantly gain over 30 years of our practical experience and leadership through our unique programs and services.

 Leaders are facing the on-going challenges of managing individual performance, organizational change, shifting business models and unknown futures. We come alongside leaders bringing meaning and purpose into their lives, assist in creating a new future and work through transitional challenges. Leaders need encouragement, perspective and purpose. With our experience we develop leaders to reach their full potential in a highly competitive environment. Coaching is about a partnership between the leader and their coach to optimize their personal investment.


Why Does the 21st Century Leader Need Executive Leadership Coaching in California


There are various approaches to executive leadership coaching that are presented to professionals and the training and development departments of large corporations. Executive coaching programs in California aim to not only help the leader cope with the challenges of the leadership environment, but to also help the leader strive to be the most effective person they can be in all aspects of their lives.

Many corporations seek out executive leadership coaching in California for some of their high level employees, by making professional and personal development an important part of the compensation package and also a critical component of maintaining a strong workforce that will help with the growth of the corporation.

When considering executive leadership coaching in your professional development package for your top-level employees, I would like to invite you to consider the following questions:

What executives would most benefit from executive leadership coaching in California?

When you enlist my executive leadership programs, you also access 30 years of developed expertise and a dedication that I will work as closely as I need to help executives tackle their leadership challenges, which represents a large investment for companies. Corporations who are considering executive coaching programs in California for their leadership may want to focus on those leaders who are most critical to the overall performance of the company, or whose leadership strategy can either make or break the success of an upcoming initiative or critical task. Executive coaches can best work effectively when they are able to grasp onto a challenge, a situation or a point of improvement to work through to create measurable results for the executive they coach.

Does the organization support efforts for change?

Executive leadership coaching in California often seeks to equip leaders with tools and strategies that they can immediately implement into their every day leadership activities. When considering an employee for executive leadership coaching in California, consider the degree to which the leader will be able to implement change and mobilize others around them to modify the way they work when other ways of doing things are identified. A leader who has gone through my executive leadership programs will also be equipped with a new language to work through things and a new perspective through my approach of spiritual leadership that will be new to the working environment, but will prove effective when embraced by a leader and those they lead.

Is the executive interested in coaching?

The executive coaching program is only effective when the participant is a willing participant in the coaching experience. Since coaching is a process that involves having the executive unlock solutions and insights within themselves, it depends on a willingness to be open and collaborative in the coaching process. It’s also important to weigh the learning style of the executive to determine whether they will be receptive to the coaching approach or may be more suited to other types of personal and professional development forums. Since my approach is spiritual leadership, with a goal to bring out the traits of compassion, empathy and the desire to help others, the executive must be able to approach our sessions with at least an open mind at first if skeptical about my approach.

What are specific challenges facing our corporation that executive leadership coaching in California can address?

Most people approach executive leadership coaching and executive business coaching with a particular professional goal in mind. Once I begin working with executives, we usually are able to work together to find the underlying issues that affect job performance or leadership style. Since I use the approach of spiritual leadership, I concentrate on the whole person and the development of values such as compassion and caring for others. Executives that work with me through my executive coaching programs in California are able to tackle workplaces where interpersonal relationships are at the core, and where these relationships may be affecting the work environment. Leaders who go through my executive coaching programs return to their workplace with new strategies to implement programming and leadership strategies that will aim to build compassion, understanding and a desire to see each other succeed within the workplace.Is the executive ready for coaching?

Will the executive be committed to the coaching process?

Executive leadership programs are vigorous, and requires the full participation of the participant in order to fully experience the benefits that coaching can provide. Executive coaching programs in California are not like therapy; you don’t go into a session, spend your hour, and that’s it. When you engage in coaching, it becomes a central part of your life. I will be in contact with you on a very regular basis in order to ensure the work we do together will never go to waste and that you are in a constant state of growth and personal and professional development. I may check in a couple times a week, maybe daily when needed, and will be following up on various aspects of what we discussed. Coaching is a large undertaking and will only be effective when the participant makes a commitment to be fully immersed in the process.

Executive coaching programs in California are a large investment for anyone to undertake. It is an incredibly effective, yet timely process, requiring not only the investment of the person engaging in the executive leadership coaching, but also the organizational culture needs to be receptive to the ways coaching can change the work environment. Executive coaching is not for everyone. It cannot be effective for those who are not interested in it; it can’t help those who are not willing to find the solutions to their problems within themselves; and it won’t benefit that person who doesn’t approach it with an open heart.

Contact me today to discuss my approach to executive leadership coaching and find out how my executive coaching programs differ from the rest through my unique use of spiritual leadership as an approach. I look forward to helping you become the best executive leader you can be!