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5 Challenges of Executive Leadership in Los Angeles and How Leadership Seminars Can Provide Solutions


If you are an executive leader in Los Angeles, chances are, you have done very well in your career to get you this far. You have made some smart education choices and your work experience has led you to gain enough notoriety and know-how to hold a coveted executive leadership position in Los Angeles.

Things should be great, right? You have a nice salary, a team of strong people working for you, and are lucky enough to enjoy your job, yet you can’t get away from that feeling that you can always improve the way you lead, and what your approach to executive leadership is.

When you take my leadership seminars in Los Angeles, we spend time together acknowledging that executive leadership in Los Angeles brings its challenges, and we use my leadership seminars as an opportunity to achieve that improvement that you’ve been looking for.

Challenge #1:Lack of Confidence.

While you have done well in your career, it’s sometimes all to easy to feel a lack of confidence in yourself and your approach to executive leadership in Los Angeles  in terms of how you stack up against colleagues and competitors. It is a very competitive environment that has been built up among executive leadership in Los Angles, for which the pressure can be too much to handle. When people feel a lack of confidence, they do not allow themselves to lead boldly, and thus undermine their own potential. My leadership seminars give you the chance to reflect on your strengths, and see your strengths and abilities from different perspectives, so to be able to quell those moments when you are feeling pangs of self-doubt.

Challenge #2: No Sounding Boards.

Sometimes as executive leaders, you may not have mentors, or the benefit of having other experienced leaders to learn from in your work environment. When you take part of my leadership seminars with other Los Angeles leaders, you have the opportunity to hear others experiences and perspectives while bouncing your experiences off others to get others perspectives on your own situation.

Challenge #3: Team Struggles.

Often, executive leadership struggle with ways to build motivation and a sense of cohesion among their team. They get lost in interpersonal struggles when they don’t have the leadership tools to help people with conflict resolution. Using advanced conflict resolution techniques, my leadership seminars in Los Angeles equip leaders with the tools necessary to manage people and situations, while applying advanced conflict management techniques in order to get that motivated and cohesive team they’re looking for.

Challenge #4: Confusion of Vision.

Executive leadership often are tasked with setting or carrying out visions that can often become convoluted, confused, or at times get lost in the other goings-on of a business. My leadership seminars work with those in executive leadership positions to give them a strong understanding of what having vision means, defining your vision, and ensuring that all work activities are in line with that vision. We work on strategies that help others understand their part in the greater vision in order to help build motivation and a sense of pride and ownership in their employees.

Challenge #5: Lack of Time for Reflection.

The reflective practice is an extremely important part of being a leader. In my leadership seminars, we work in the importance of reflection into the structure of the seminars, giving you the space to finally think back on your performance in executive leadership. Through the reflective practice, we have the opportunity to “bend back” our own thoughts, assumptions and ideas, and most importantly take a close introspective look at our actions and their implications. Using advanced scholarship on the idea of reflection, I work with my Los Angeles leadership seminar participants to build reflective practice into their every day life. Through my leadership seminars, Los Angeles executive leaders get to learn what it means to be “reflexive”, to automatically be able to reflect on their experiences and their outcomes, and define the significance of their actions and any different approaches for the future.

As an experienced leader, I lead by compassionate leadership. Understanding the challenges of executive leadership in Los Angeles is part of my approach, and I used a compassionate approach to your leadership challenges in order to help you work through them in a way that you are comfortable with. By employing methods of spiritual leadership in my Los Angeles leadership seminars, I show how you can approach challenges with forgiveness, compassion, and pureness of heart so that others are able to notice, and feel, the results of your intentional approach as an executive leader. Find out today how my leadership seminars in Los Angeles can take your leadership to the next level so that you see challenges as opportunities.