Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Transformation For Leaders and their Organization


Being a leader is not only about ensuring you and your team are generating profit; it is about understanding people, being a kind and compassionate motivator, and providing the adequate supports, both personally and professionally so that employees can do their best work.

I offer over thirty years in executive leadership and as a spiritual life coach and I am pioneer in the emerging study of spiritual leadership. Being a spiritual leader doesn’t mean that you lead through religion, or that you use the Bible, or teachings of God and Jesus in your outward, every day practice. While spiritual leadership does have its roots in my religious upbringing, it is much more about learning how to lead through spiritual values and virtues in a secular environment.

What exactly is spiritual leadership? Here are a few interesting insights offered about leadership through the lens of spiritual leadership. These are the strategies I bring into my work as a spiritual life coach:

Leadership as a Spiritual Gift

A spiritual leader understands that leadership is a spiritual gift. The concept of the spiritual leadership shows how leadership is a vocation; a trusted position that will have others looking to your example. When you look at leadership through spirituality, it has the potential to transform the executive environment. As a spiritual life coach, I help those executives I work with understand spiritual leadership, and help them learn to connect the values and virtues that exist inside them spiritually to their leadership practice.

Accessing Creativity

Creativity is essential in my life, and in spiritual life coach sessions, we talk extensively about the role of the narrative in defining our leadership approach as well as the way we understand our work environments. We thoughtfully explore the concept of the antenarrative, the narratives that become the stories we live; the stories that are constructed by our own perceptions, but are altered as the realities of life unfold around ourselves. As a spiritual life coach, I help you find spiritual meaning in your narratives. We explore the way we construct narratives and how narratives shape our understanding of ourselves, those we work with, and our workplace.

Compassion as a Spiritual Leadership Practice

Developed by my upbringing in third world countries and influenced by my over thirty years in executive leadership, my spiritual life coach practices focus greatly on the virtue of compassion. By bringing in thoughtful anecdotes into spiritual life coach sessions, demonstrate how far compassion can go in the modern workplace, often acting as a tool of empowerment, helping increase the self-efficacy of those who are shown compassion by their leader. By giving you various scenarios to work through, I show how there is room for love to be brought into the workplace, recognizing that love and compassion are two related and essential characteristics of being an effective leader.

Where The Bible Guides Spiritual Leaders

While as a spiritual life coach, I focus on helping people lead within the secular environment, spiritual leadership finds its roots in Christianity, The Bible and the following of Jesus Christ’s teachings. While my perspectives on spiritual leadership have their roots in my missionary upbringing, my over thirty years of experience in executive leadership has compelled me to draw upon and study spiritual values that make up a spiritual leader as I emerge as a spiritual life coach. When I work one-on-one with a leader interested in the concept of spiritual leadership, we examine concepts such as forgiveness, integrity, and trust as foundational to the core of a leader. Without being able to demonstrate these traits, a leader will not be able to gain the respect and following of those they are chosen to lead. We also examine the personal traits such as patience, loving kindness, and thankfulness and how these positive traits can positively transform the workplace and how people work and interact together.

Understanding Leadership Styles

Through spiritual leadership coaching, I present how different leaders exhibit different forms of leadership, and I demonstrate hat an autocratic style of leadership dictates behaviour while a transformational style of leadership encourages openness, adaptiveness, and participation. We work together to see the workplace as a journey of discovery on how leadership style, and essentially the way you treat people, affects the bottom line.

Focusing on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a difficult concept to grasp. A lot of the time in my work as a spiritual life coach, I need to help others work through forgiving someone they work with or who affects their ability to be their best selves. When do we need to forgive? Does forgiveness mean forgetting? We explore how the act of forgiveness can change one’s future and the future of their work environment. Together we see how forgiving allows the narrative to be changed.

Self Care As Priority

As a spiritual life coach, I stress to my clients that they need to take good care of themselves, including their mental, spiritual and emotional needs. I show how a leader is not immune to the challenges that life can present for anyone, and how important self-care and self-reflection is in maximizing the effectiveness of a leader.

As a spiritual life coach, I show how accessing the virtues that exist within you, within your heart and your own sense of morality can literally move mountains and can positively change your work environment and how others around you interact. Those who are skeptical about spiritual life coaching automatically see that spiritual leadership is not an approach that has you preaching about God, Jesus and Christian virtues, but rather allows you to embrace those virtues inside you and live them. A spiritual leader doesn’t impose beliefs, but rather leads by example by actively and positively demonstrating the virtues and values that we examine through the spiritual leadership approach. When a new client signs up for a spiritual life coach, I automatically commit to walking the journey of spiritual leadership with that person. My work is not complete until the leader sees change both internally and externally.