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The demands of modern business are requiring more and more that leaders become more thoughtful and intentional of their approach. Being a leader is not only about the bottom line; it is about understanding people, helping them find their talents, and providing the adequate supports so that employees can effectively do their work. Taking a leadership seminar from me will help you to find your leadership power while developing strategies to empower those you work with using the approach of spiritual leadership.

I offer over thirty years in executive leadership and I am a pioneer in the emerging study of spiritual leadership. My expertise that has been developed specifically in the field of spiritual leadership in the secular workplace and they form the basis of my leadership seminars, intended to bring leaders to their next level.

When you take my leadership seminars, you gain the tools and knowledge necessary to approach your work as a spiritual leader.

Here are some of the foundations and themes explored in my leadership seminars:

Understanding the Spiritual Leader

A spiritual leader is one who possesses the spiritual gift of leadership. In my leadership seminars, I introduce the concept of the spiritual leader and discusses how leadership can be a vocation; a trusted position that will have others looking to your example. I will outline the role that spiritual leadership plays in the secular workplace and its role in transforming executive leadership. I will explain to the participants of my leadership seminars why after so many years as a leader, I chose to focus on spiritual leadership.

Characteristics of the Spiritual Leader

Based on my extensive experience in executive leadership as well as my experiences growing up as a missionary in many of the world’s third world countries, I share my perspectives about compassionate leadership. By bringing in thoughtful anecdotes into my leadership seminars, I help communicate complex philosophies about leadership. He breaks down how far compassion can go in the modern workplace, often acting as a tool of empowerment, helping increase the self-efficacy of those who are shown compassion by their leader. He shows where there is room for love to be brought into the workplace, recognizing that love and compassion are two related and essential characteristics of being an effective leader.

The Creative Leader

Creativity has always been an important part of my approach as a leader, and my leadership seminars focus about the role of the narrative in defining our leadership approach as well as the way we understand our work environments. I talk about the ante narrative, the narratives that become living stories; the stories that are constructed by our own understanding, but are altered as the realities of life unfold around ourselves. We explore the way we construct narratives and how narratives shape our understanding of ourselves, those we work with, and our workplace.

Defining Spiritual Values

Spiritual leadership is often associated with Christianity, The Bible and the following of Jesus Christ’s teachings. While my perspectives on spiritual leadership have their roots in my missionary upbringing, my over thirty years of experience in executive leadership has compelled me to draw upon and study spiritual values that make up a spiritual leader. In my leadership seminars, we examine concepts such as forgiveness, integrity, and trust as foundational to the core of a leader. Without being able to demonstrate these traits, a leader will not be able to gain the respect and following of those they are chosen to lead. We also examine the personal traits such as patience, loving kindness, and thankfulness and how these positive traits can literally move mountains in the workplace.

Pushing Through The Darkness

A leader is only as effective as their ability to take care of themselves, including their mental, spiritual and emotional needs. My leadership seminars help acknowledge to executive leadership that it is OK to focus on yourself and give yourself space during times of inner turmoil or difficult life moments. A leader is not immune to the challenges that life can present, and taking the time and making the space for healing and self-care and self-reflection will not only build up your inner strength, but strength your practice and approach as a leader.

Learning About Forgiveness

I hear time and time again from people that the concept of forgiveness is difficult to grasp. In my leadership seminars, we discuss the concept of forgiveness – what does it mean? When do we need to forgive? Does forgiveness mean forgetting? We explore how the act of forgiveness can change one’s future; how forgiving allows the narrative to be changed. We examine contexts within the workplace in which forgiveness comes in. What does it mean when someone says, “Forgive me”, and how can your acknowledging their desire for forgiveness push you towards productivity? My leadership seminars break down forgiveness through my sharing of anecdotes and personal reflections on where forgiveness can make or break a work relationship or work environment.

Autocratic vs. Transformational Leadership

In my seminars, we examine various forms of leadership, understanding that an autocratic style of leadership dictates behaviour while a transformational style of leadership encourages openness, adaptiveness, and participation, recognizing that the workplace, and the way we work with others, is a journey of discovery for all those who engage in it.

Leaders who attend my leadership seminars are grateful that they have taken the time to understand spiritual leadership. It gives leaders the time, and reflection space, to be able to be introspective on the factors that make them the leaders they are, while helping them recognize where their areas for improvement lie. By making spiritual leadership my focus as a compliment to my over thirty years in executive leadership, I provide leaders with an alternative approach to consider in almost every situation a leader can find themselves. Contact me and my team today to learn more about the workshops we offer, and how you, or your team, can benefit from spending time learning from us.

With over 30 years of research and developing educational principles we offer customized workshops for our clients. Workshops can be scheduled for one day or up to one week, depending on the client’s needs.