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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My goal is to help you and your business create an alternative future to grow in a profitable manner and in the process transform your personal leadership, influencing your team to become more productive, committed and loyal.

My background as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer has allowed me to serve as a practitioner with a wealth of experience that cuts across the arenas of leadership education, training, and consultant management. I hold a PhD in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship and is an avid student of transformational leadership and helping others bring meaning and purpose in their lives. My particular approach builds on real-life situations and needs, current knowledge, a variety of theoretical and methodological “standards”, and strategic thinking. My teaching, research, and consulting practice is considerable, as it has included start-ups, small to medium businesses, educational institutions and non-profits. Dr Grant is active in a variety of leadership and other programs as a professor, consultant, trainer, and mentor. He is a frequent participant in training workshops and professional development with interests that include: leadership development, organizational diagnosis, consulting theory and practice, ethics, coaching, and global leadership,

  • PhD Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • MBA Entrepreneurial Finance

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